Cable Railing – Everything you NEED to know

Cable Railing

Cable railing is a popular choice for customizing homes. Thanks to cable railing’s ability to be installed inside or outside, cable railing is a great way to bring a modern and durable element to the interior or exterior of your home.

Cable railing can elevate the look of your home no matter what style of house you have. So whether the style of your home is traditional, contemporary, modern, or something completely different, cable railing is a great choice for a new addition to your home.

There are many ways you can use cable railing in your home. Here are some of our recommendations on how choosing a customized cable railing can elevate the look of your home. Each of these ways can create a high-end interior or exterior railing design project to delight and inspire.

1. Cable railing enhances the features of your home

Cable railings look great

Cable railings can be a perfect choice if you live in a picturesque area, such as by the beach, mountains, or city skyline. Cable railings are a simple way to enhance the natural beauty and features that your home already has in and around it.

Cable railing still acts as a guardrail as iron or wood fences do. However, unlike iron or wood fences, they provide an open view instead of an obstructed one. Since your eyes aren’t focused on the rails, you can focus on the lovely views around your home.

If you feel like you’re missing something to complete the look of an aspect of your home, whether it’s a deck, balcony, patio, or stairway, consider adding cable railing. You might be surprised at how one simple addition can change the appearance of the area for the better.

2. Cable railing adds an element of safety to your home

Structurally, cable railing is incredibly sturdy and durable. That makes it a perfect choice for outside areas that may face certain types of strong weather. Cable railing could also be great for indoor areas that may be well-trafficked and busy.

Example of a Cable Railing Installed in my Backyard
Example of a Cable Railing Installed in my Backyard

Despite being safe, there has been some concern in the past around cable railing. This is because of the “ladder effect” making it an “attractive nuissance”. The ladder effect states that cable railing could cause a climbing risk among smaller children due to its ladder-like appearance.

However, the International Code Council reports that falls from railings among persons aged 1.5 to 4 years account for just 0.032% of all fall injuries in that age group. To put that statistic into context, doors, windows, and fences all have a higher probability of fall injury concerns than cable railing. No matter the low fall risk, being vigilant around cable railing is still important to prevent potential injuries. 

Cable railings are not only safe, but they’re also great for completing the designs of stairs, decks, and balconies inside and outside of the home. In addition, the sturdiness of cable railings allows you to hang lights, flower beds, and more to make your decoration easier.

3. Cable railings are easy to install and easily customizable

Due to the sleek and fashionable design of cable railings, they are a sought-after addition to both the interior and exterior of homes. Cable railings are also a great option for your home because they are easy to install.

A minimal amount of tools is needed to install cable railings. Tension is used to keep the cables in place, so for maintenance purposes, all that is needed is a wrench to make sure the cables stay adjusted and tight to maximize the life of your railing.

Also, since they’re highly customizable and can fit pretty much any style of home, the installation process of cable railings can be tailored to suit you and your home. Cable railings come in a variety of finishes, colors, and coatings, so anything is possible.

For example, if you have wood accents in your home, you can use wood for the framework of your cable railing for a warm and cozy contemporary feel. If you have metal accents, you can use metal for the framework of your cable railing for a more industrial or modern feel. You can also combine the materials as well for a unique look.

The possibilities are endless, depending on what vibe you’re going for in your home. Both Lexco cable and Muzata both manufacture some great wire railing products that are very customizable.

If you want to see excatly how to install a cable railing from start to finish, I recommend that you check out my Youtube video below!

Check out my DIY Railing Installation Video

4. Cable railings use high-quality materials

Cable railings use high-quality materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and damage. The quality of the materials means that your railings tend to stay in good condition and last for a very long time.

Wire rope, made up of strands wrapped about a core, is an option typically used in cable railing. The core of a wire rope may be fiber rope, solid polymer, or even another wire strand. The thick nature of a wire rope makes it ideal for sturdy and safe cable railing.

The maintenance and upkeep are simple as well. Since you’re dealing with cable, typically, all you need to do to keep your cables clean is a wet cloth and car wash soap. Unlike repainting, restaining, and replacing wooden railings or posts, the cable railing upkeep process is a breeze.

Example of a Cable Railing installed on Stairs
Example of a Cable Railing installed on Stairs


Now that you know the benefits and advantages of cable railing, it’s not surprising that cable railings are an excellent investment. It’s the perfect choice for a porch with a view, a balcony on the beach, or a stairway that needs something sleek.

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